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LifeTime Benefit Term with Long Term Care
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This year we are excited to offer you an enhanced Life Insurance with Long-Term Care.

Long-term care coverage provides financial support to cover the cost of long-term care such as nursing home care or assisted living facilities that you might need as a result of an accident, illness, or aging. It provides peace of mind knowing you won’t become a burden to loved ones if you become ill. While it’s true that Medicare may cover some long-term care costs,  Medicare’s coverage can be very limited. Long-term care coverage is the best way to protect yourself, your family, and your financial assets. It includes flexible, permanent protection through age 120.

The LifeTime Benefit Term Insurance through Chubb not only includes the long-term care coverage, but it also protects your family with money that can be used any way they choose like your mortgage or rent, education for children, retirement, or final expenses.

You can also elect coverage for your spouse and children as well!

​​Limited Time Offer
During the initial rollout of this new benefit, you can elect up to $150,000 of coverage for yourself without answering any medical questions.

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