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Employee Relief Fund

Our Commitment to Employee Well-being:

We recognize that life is filled with unexpected challenges, and some of our colleagues may face unforeseen financial difficulties. As a responsible and caring employer, we are committed to supporting our employees not just in their professional endeavors but also during times of need.

A Helping Hand in Difficult Times:

The loanDepot Employee Relief Fund is designed to be a safety net for our employees during times of crisis. Whether it’s a medical emergency, a natural disaster, or other unforeseen circumstances causing financial strain, we want our employees to know that we have a support system in place.

Together, We Make a Difference:

The launch of the loanDepot Employee Relief Fund is not just a program; it’s a testament to our belief that together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of our colleagues. It’s a tangible expression of our commitment to each other and to creating a workplace where everyone feels supported and valued.


Tax Free Grant

We are pleased to share that the assistance provided through the loanDepot Employee Relief Fund is structured as a tax-free grant. This means that any financial support you receive from the fund will not be subject to taxation, providing additional relief during challenging times.

How you can contribute/donate

We invite all employees to consider contributing to the Fund, either by one-time donations, or a recurring donation. Your contributions, big or small, will make a meaningful impact and reinforce the sense of community that makes loanDepot a great place to work. You can donate by clicking here

How to apply for the Grant

If you have been impacted by an unforeseen disaster or personal hardship, you may be eligible to apply for financial assistance. Please read the Application FAQs to determine if you and your event qualify. Click here to apply.

Need help with your application? 

Phone: (866) 945-5088

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